There has been an increase in bandwidth-intensive activities such as online gaming and HD video streaming. Due to this fact, it is wise to have hardware that can handle such tasks. This will ensure a smooth running of the process and for maximum utilization.  The best all-around Wi-Fi router is designed to provide the quickest possible routes for home wireless networks. The present-day routers can help build up a connection to the internet, but premium routers offer the fastest internet speed to stream content that is bandwidth-intensive without any complication or constant buffering. Some factors to take into consideration Performance Speed is a major factor to consider in the internet services, and the modern 802.11ac standard offers a significant increase. While previous models of the Wi-Fi standard allow a maximum speed of 450 Mbps, The advanced 802.11ac version now allows a maximum speed of 1,300 Mbps. Though it is unlikely to attain this speed rate in the real world as a result of interference and other factors, the theoretical speeds provide a good pointer to what someone should expect from an advanced 802.11ac router. Security The best wireless routers help safeguard your bandwidth by blocking access to your data via encryption of wireless data transfers and it helps protect you and your private information. Wi-Fi routers consist of firewalls based on Network Address Translation (NAT) technology or Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), or both. SPI helps identify traffic patterns that look as if it is from hackers. NAT has the capacity to hide all of the equipment on your wireless network and incorporates them on a single IP address. All these are done to ensure that you and your data are well protected from internet damage. Ease of Use As a rule, most routers are easy to install, though some have simpler installation than others. The best all-around Wi-Fi router comes with a pre-installed wireless network. This helps to link you to the internet by simply connecting your router and using the chosen network name and password to link a computer to it. Using this technique, there is no need to utilize a setup disk or a wired connection.