Are you an art fan? If so then you might want to learn about different genres. One of the best-known ones is urban contemporary. It’s important to first define what urban art is. It actually includes a wide variety of art forms. There are differences in the various art forms but there are some similarities. For example, they’re often made in city regions or show city life. In other cases, urban art makes a bold statement about different urban matters.

It’s interesting to note that urban art started out as graffiti, which is images that were sprayed on structures like buildings and bridges. There were some question marks about this controversial art form but many people defined this activity as vandalism.  So the debate as for whether urban art was art or vandalism.

Since its early day’s urban art has become an art form that uses several types of media. It can still include basic graffiti but now also can include big-scale murals/sculptures. This helps to explain the main distinction between urban contemporary art versus street art. In fact, there’s even urban art today that’s publically commissioned. This is a sign that the art form has become much more mainstream.

During the beginnings of urban art, graffiti was at the center of the controversy over urban art. In particular, many people considered spray-painting images, symbols and words on public structures as vandalism.

On the other hand, many people also supported the use of graffiti as a means of artistic expression.  Some artists wanted to share artistic expression but also wanted to avoid the possible legal issues related to vandalism. This helps to explain how urban contemporary art became more mainstream.

The genre has a distinct style that is now created throughout the world to celebrate various urban areas in metropolises. Many urban artists have become entire legitimate. That includes painting on more traditional media like canvas or selling their sculptures. In fact, many of these artworks have been sold through public auctions and similar events.

Some artists have dealt with the vandalism issue related to urban art by using less permanent materials like stickers, posters, LED art, etc. However, the artists continue to make art that celebrates street life. They often use factors like scale and perspective to make their art more abstract. This requires people to interpret the art when they look at it.

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