When you have your clothes in a washer, you most definitely want them to come out squeaky clean. It is much more important to make sure that machine was gentle with the clothes and much water was not left in the load, which tends to increase the time that the clothes will send in the dryer. We ran a test sulle lavatrici on the basic or perhaps the normal cycle utilized in homes and on the quick cycle that gets less dirty, smaller loads cleaned faster.

Cleaning Performance

Fabrics were stained with chocolate milk, red wine, black pigment and blood and they were washed with a normal detergent. The difference in spotlessness of the fabric was evident with the naked eye when the samples came out of the washer. For the sake of having a standard test procedure, we used an instrument in our lab to assist us with accurate comparisons.


A machine combines the power of temperature, spinning action and detergent in order to have the clothes clean, but unfortunately, they can also result in damaging the fabrics over a period. The gentleness of the normal, delicate and quick cycles was tested on each machine. A standard mechanical action sheet was used for the gentleness test. The action sheet is fabric squares incorporated with circular holes. Each of the holes in the fabric squares gets tattered during the different wash cycles and the observed the number of threads found to be loose in order to come up with a gentleness score.

Water Retention

In order to evaluate how well the washer has water removed from the clothes, a load was weighed immediately after the end of a cycle. Furthermore, the amount of water left in the fabric was also calculated.

Ease of Use

We evaluated the intuitiveness of the control panel, ease of access to the tub, the user manual, and the ease of cleaning the detergent dispensers in our laboratory.

Energy Efficiency

The energy guide label employed and we rated the assessed operation cost of each machine for electricity usage and water.


The time it took the machine to complete the various cycles was scored, the quick cycles and the normal cycles.