Though they are overlooked on most occasions, one can hardly ignore the importance of RC boats. Similar to RC jets and cars, the best RC boats offer amazing features that are needed for performance enhancement.

This is actually an excellent gift that you can give to your child because they are actually not just to catch fun, they assist in enhancing creativity and they are educative. They help in enhancing family bonding in the sense that they help in the promotion of your kid playing outdoor. Without a doubt, a well-groomed family nurtures the behavior of a child.

However, the market is flooded with various brands of RC boats but there is the high chance that you will find just a few that are excellently fabricated. It is encouraged that you consult a comprehensive review, just so you do end up with a wrong choice of RC boats with obviously low quality.

Consulting reviews can seem very tedious because you will be going through many just so you can end up with an excellent product. In order to assist you with that, we have gone through the stress of reviewing the premium brands in the market, thus below you will the top 2 best RC boats review.

  1. Udiric Venom RC Electric Boat (Orange)

This is manufactured by UDIRIC, It is a USB-rechargeable RC boat that is capable of blowing the other RC boats off the water, owing to the fact it races at 15 mph at peak performance.

Other than the fact the Udiric Venom RC electric Boast features a water-cooled, single prop 370-size motor that combines speed, style, and affordability together, it features a durable and rugged ABS anti-tilt hull. The RC boat has a low battery alarm incorporated in its design that alerts when you almost out of juice to enable your movement to the next shore.

  1. Storm Engine RC Boat

It is approximately 9.3 inches wide by 6.5 inches high and 32 inches long, This is an ideal gift for your children from the age of 12 and above. Its operational distance is about 300ft and the speed range from 20km/h to 25km/h. The transmitter incorporated in the RC boat requires 8 AA batteries, which you will have to acquire personally as it is not included in the package.