Features of Urban Contemporary Art

Are you looking for a new art genre to follow? If so then you should consider urban contemporary art. It’s one of the most exciting art forms available today. Here are some of the main features of the art:

  1. Street Art

This is the root of urban art. It started out as graffiti until it became more mainstream. This type of art included images, symbols, and lettering that were spray-painted on bridges, buildings, and other structures.

One of the main issues about graffiti is that it raised issues about the legality of adding art to public structures. In fact, in many cases, it was classified as vandalism, which raises a big debate about the legality of adding graffiti in urban areas.

However, as time passed street art was gradually transferred to more traditional media such as canvas and sculptures. This involved the conversion of street art into urban art. While there’s no doubt the origin of urban art is street art the genre has undergone a major change over the decades.

  1. Urban Art

As the name suggests this art started in cities throughout the world. The origins of urban art were the 1920s and 1930s in New York City. The first artworks were graffiti that appeared in areas throughout NYC.

Urban art is defined by art created by city residents or art about city life. It can also be about issues related to city life. The art firs appeared in New York City but later appeared in other cities throughout the world.

Part of the message of urban art was related to the socio-economic issues that the art’s creators were in. It was often a form of political resistance about different issues that people faced while living in the world’s metropolitan areas.

  1. Contemporary Art

This is another aspect that helps to define urban contemporary art. The subject matter of the art is urban life. However, the conversion of street art to today’s urban art represents the contemporary aspect of the art. That’s because the art is now included on more traditional media. It’s also featured in various exhibitions throughout the world. This is another sign that the art has become mainstream.

  1. Online Art

The Internet has changed just about every aspect of modern life and that includes the art world. Today’s urban contemporary art is featured in traditional exhibitions throughout the world. However, our site gives people the opportunity to browse tons of different works at one site. That includes exhibitions that were held throughout the world during different years.

The goal of our site is to provide a convenient way to browse many artworks in the urban contemporary genre. All you need is a desktop, laptop, or mobile device as well as an Internet connection. You can then search through our library of urban art to find the ones you’re searching for.

You can also find other helpful info at our site. That includes details about future exhibitions of urban contemporary art. We’re constantly updating our site so it’s important to keep visiting to find fresh news and info.